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[GreenYes] Climate Change
Banning land disposal of organic material (primarily food waste and unrecovered paper which constitutes about 50% of the present waste stream) as the European Community has already done would shave approximately 4% off US generated manmade greenhouse gases. ... read on:

UN report warns of global warming
SHANGHAI, China (AP) - Global temperatures could rise by as much as 10 degrees over the next century, triggering droughts, floods and other disasters from shifts in weather patterns, a U.N. report said Monday. The projected rise in average worldwide temperatures is sharply higher than the 2-5 degrees previously thought, said Robert T. Watson, chairman of the U.N.-affiliated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which organized the meeting in Shanghai. The U.N. report, by scientists from 99 countries, said new evidence shows more clearly than ever that rising temperatures are the fault of industrial pollution, not changes in the sun or from other natural causes. Yet, few countries are meeting commitments to cut emissions of greenhouse gases, scientists said. "Only a few countries such as Britain and Germany are on track to meet their targets," said Watson, an American who is chief science adviser to the World Bank. "The United States is way off meeting its targets." The report is intended to add urgency to world climate negotiations that ended in November when countries couldn't agree on how to reduce greenhouse gases under a commitment by industrialized countries in 1997. 

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