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[GreenYes] Website Update
Here's a short update of what's new on GRRN's

New Resources
We have rearranged and added various 
new resources, among which are included 
new sections on theory and wasting. The 
Zero Waste Resources also has a few new 
links and a new section called Recovery 
Parks. (Look for the blue flashing "new" 
logo.) Enjoy!
ZW Resources:

Menu Changes 
We've included the "Links" area on 
the main menu. "Resources" now goes 
directly to the resources page, rather 
than a go-between page that included the 
"Links" page as a resource. The outcome? 
Fewer clicks to get to the information you want.

Search Engine Improvements
Looking for something particular on our 
website? Looking for a listserv thread? 
You can now search either equally well. 
Click on the link above to test it out!

Chris Sparnicht
GrassRoots Recycling Network

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