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[GreenYes] research essay on "waste management"
Please respond directly to Jean. Thanks!
From:             "Jean Baptiste Zenone" <>  |
Block address
         To:             <>
     Subject:             Big Green: Whole life appraisal
       Date:             Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:29:47 -0000
 Organization:             MSc Con Man

I am a french student at the University of Reading, I am a building
engineer in France. I am doing a research essay on "waste management"
and I would like to find a way
of including waste management during the whole life of a project (ie to
be abble to anticipate the reuse or reclycling of the materials that
constitute a building). I think that
IT could again be very helpfull, to record every part of the building
during its life so that we could be abble to know exactly what it is
made of and how...
I wish I am not the only one to think about it and would like to share
any ideas...
Thank you

Jean Baptiste ZENONE
MSc Construction Management
The University of Reading

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