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[GreenYes] recycled plastic plaques
We made some cool recycled plaques -- the plastic base is wonderful, one
color is 100% recycled #2 plastic -- a mixture of blues and greens, streaky
effect, quite fun and cool in my humble opinion. Black and another color
"confetti" (bright primary colors in a white/cream base) are readily
availabe, but I'm not sure of their recycled content %.

The Missouri-based manufacturers are a small company that is emphasizing
making large volume sheets (4' x 8' x 1/2-inch) sheets of their recycled
plastic.  Architects are their primary client today, and they aren't
interested in getting caught up in small item production.  A full sheets
costs about $450 and handles like wood.  They also have a local
subcontractor who makes their recycled plastic materials into nice picture

So this is a demand-side thing -- FIND A PROMOTIONAL ITEMS MANUFACTURER! who
is interested in making a high volume of these plaques.  This is what we had

base:  100% recycled plastic #2 from Yemm & Hart, located in Marquand,
Missouri:  call (573) 783-5434 or e-mail:

face:  made from aluminum, not necessarily recycled but definately
recyclable, produced by our local trophy shop.  Affixed to the plastic base
by a durable mounting tape.

Complete 8 1/2" x 11" plaques with 7 1/2" x 10" aluminum face cost us about
$20 and we made 16 of them at once.  They were very well received and we
will be doing it again this year (so you might be able to tag along your
order for bases with ours, we'll be placing our order in March/April).

Laura Neuman
Choose envieronmental Excellence - Gateway Region
(314) 772-8787

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