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Dear Neil and Zeina,

The province of Nova Scotia in Canada has established a Used Tyre
Management programme. It's an industry stewardship agreement, and they have
applied an environmental fee of $3 for all new passenger tyres and $9 for
all new truck tyres to manage the system. Since implementation of the
strategy approximately 2.3 million tyres have been recycled, and a new tyre
recycling plant is currently under construction which will crumb tyres for
the manufacturing of various products.

For more info. you can contact:

 Tab A. Borden.
 Executive Manager,
 Trade & Investment,
 Nova Scotia Department of the Environment.
 Tel: 902 424 5205

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

Anne-Marie Cunningham
Earthwatch - Friends of the Earth Ireland.

Ph: + 353 1 4785140
Fax:+ 353 1 4762042

At 10:12 12/01/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Any information on things to do with used tires? Please reply to me and
>Zeina, as she's not on the list.
>>From: "Zeina al-Hajj" <>
>>Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 13:36:12 +0200
>>   Hallo everyone, Sorry for this message to all the list but didn't  know
>>to whom exactly I should send . Industrialist always come up with the
>>"smartest"  decisions!!We are opposing attempts to use Cement kilns to
>>start burning used  tires in Lebanon as a first attempt to later on start
>>burning  waste.  USED TIRES... How can we reuse or recycle tires and  IF
>>this really EXIT? Any info will be greatly appreciated.  BURN. Zeina  
>>Zeina al-Hajj
>>Lebanon  Campaigner
>>Greenpeace Mediterranean
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