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Re: greenyes-d Digest V01 #8

North Carolina's annual waste and recycling reporting requirements are fairly rigorous and generally followed up/.recorded, compiled  by a specific staff person at the State Solid Waste Office to at least ensure completeness.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any individual government's numbers, but most of the local government solid waste personnel I know are scrupulous about the quality of submittal each year.....
In Orange Co. 

Can anyone point to good state regulations that 
spell out requirements for cities and counties to 
report waste quantities (and recycling quantities)?  

What is involved in getting haulers who are used to 
collecting material from multiple jurisdictions to 
make accurate reports on the origin of tonnage from 
each?  (e.g., costs, enforcement, staff). 

Thanks in advance,
/Bill Sheehan

End of greenyes-d Digest V01 Issue #8

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