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Re: [GreenYes] Local Government Contracting - Solid Waste Services
Dear Jeff:

For such as important issue, I could not find much in the way of references
to solid waste contracting for local governments.  Here is what I did find
or know about (the only one I am familiar with is the PTI guide - see

Contracting for Local Government Solid Waste Management Services (PDF
document) - NC Div. of Pollution Prevention

A Guide to Competitive Contracting in Solid Waste Management - Reason

Contracting for Solid Waste Services: A Workbook for Cities and Counties
     Practical guide for local governments preparing to contract with
private companies   for solid waste collection,
     transport, or disposal services.  - H0USTON-GALVESTON AREA COUNCIL
(Note: this is an online reference to an offline print resource)

Public Technology, Inc.

PTI published in 1995 a really good guide on local government contracting (I
have this publication) called
Local Government Guide to Solid Waste Competitive Service Delivery -
Publication No. 95-400.  I have copied their description of this document
from their 1999-2000 Catalog (I did this because the PTI Pub Catalog is a 2
meg PDF download).

"Cities and counties evaluating their role in solid waste collection,
processing, and disposal will appreciate the tips in this guide-book.
Produced by Public Technology, Inc., to help officials take stock of public,
private, and competitive solid waste management approaches, the guide walks
decision-makers through step-by-step assessments of three major service
options: preserving the prevailing service delivery structure; reengineering
the current system; or adopt-ing a competitive system."

It appears to be available only for purchase from PTI but it is, in my
opinion, a worthwhile investment.

I hope this listing is helpful and I look forward to any other references
members of the GRRN list can contribute on this topic. I would also be
interested in learning which info resource proved most helpful to you.


Roger M. Guttentag
Read Recycling in Cyberspace in Resource Recycling
December 2000 topic: Rerefined Oil
January 2001 topic: Canadian Cyberspace Tour

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From: Aluotto, Jeffrey <>
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Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 11:31 AM
Subject: [GreenYes] Local Government Contracting

> Does anybody know of some good references (either publications, books,
> journal articles, etc.) on cost-effective solid waste contracting for
> governments?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Aluotto
> Manager,
> Hamilton County Solid Waste
> Management District

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