[GRRN] Municipal recycling collections from apartments

From: Marjorie J. Clarke (mclarke@shiva.hunter.cuny.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:31:00 EST

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    Viv wanted to know:

    Please let me know of towns that provide recycling and trash service
    > to all condos and apartment buildings (in or outside of
    > Massachusetts).

    New York City Dept of Sanitation collects garbage and recyclables from all
    residential buildings (all sizes) and institutions in the City. These are
    collected on the same routes, irrespective of size (i.e. they don't have
    special routes for special buildings, with one exception: there is a
    containerized recycling program where dumpsters are issued to especially
    large apartment buildings). Recyclables have been collected from apartment
    buildings since 1988. The current overall diversion rate of the
    residential recycling program (all sizes of buildings) is just under 20%.

    Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
    Instructor, Rutgers University Geography Dept.

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