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From: Pete Pasterz (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 13:51:45 EST

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    I agree with the sentiment, but to be "technically correct", they are returnable for deposit in the 10 states and 1 municipality which REQUIRE them to do so. The more important issue, and I'm sure is what you were alluding to is that these "designer/image" bottles are not REFILLABLE, and thus do not yield the environmental benefits of multi-use; even better net energy savings than any transport gains of use of plastic.

    And, the 6-packs in our area are about $4 for 48 TOTAL ounces of product!! Usually, the 8 packs of 20 oz plastic bottles are on "sale" for $2.50--about 25% of the cost per ounce! Quite an economic disincentive to buy the recycled/recyclable one-use glass! No wonder they can claim that the consumers overwhelming choice is for plastic!

    Pete Pasterz

    >>> <> 01/06/00 10:44AM >>>

    Yea! Hurray. Lets cancel the boycot right away and give Coke a big advertising
    Coke has always kept their product in bottles, and they look just like the ones
    that used to be returnable
    for refund, but of course no longer are. Less than 1% of their product I'd
    guess, but does anyone know for

    Larry Martin on 01/06/2000 10:26:35 AM


    Subject: [GRRN] Coke is back in glass

    I noticed yesterday in the WSJ that Coca Cola is returning to glass
    bottles to rejuventae its old image--the bottles will be the same green
    glass variety that Coke always used in its "Classic" look.

    For all the uproar over Coke going to plastic, one would think the
    environmental community would cheer this development. But maybe this good
    news would get in the way of organizing yet another boycott, etc.


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