[GRRN] Fwd: Job Opening- San Mateo County, CA

From: Gary Liss (gary@garyliss.com)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 15:52:28 EST

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    >From: "Jill Boone" <jboone@co.sanmateo.ca.us>
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    >Subject: Job Opening- San Mateo County
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    >The County of San Mateo is recruiting for a Recycling Outreach
    >Specialist. As part of the Recycling and Composting team, the Outreach
    >Specialist will respond to wide-ranging hotline and email inquiries,
    >research and update recycling information, organize and distribute
    >information, work on special projects such as Earth Day, assist with
    >mailings and meeting arrangements, and provide general office support to
    >the Recycling and Composting Program.
    >Ideal candidates possess knowledge of, and an interest in, basic
    >recycling and waste prevention programs and efforts. In addition the
    >ideal candidate will be someone who thoroughly enjoys helping people,
    >who likes to look things up, find answers and do research, and who
    >communicates information clearly and accurately. Computer skills are
    >For a job bulletin and application materials, please contact:
    >San Mateo County
    >Employee and Public Services Department
    >455 County Center, First Floor
    >Redwood City, CA 94063Telephone: (650) 363-4343
    >The filing period will close on January 28, 2000. Salary $2488 - $3110
    >effective monthly.
    >Submitted by Jill Boone
    >County of San Mateo
    >(650) 599-1433

    Gary Liss
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