[GRRN] about prices

Neil Tangri (ntangri@essential.org)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 14:45:45 -0500

Hi folks,

The following is an email from a colleague in Romania whose NGO is fighting
off a municipal waste incinerator. I told her that a good recycling &
composting system would cost far less money than a modern incinerator. She
would like to know how to estimate the costs for a city of 230,000 people.
Does anyone have examples? Ideas?

Thanks much,

Neil Tangri

>Date: 20 Dec 99 12:37:27 MST
>From: koszta monica <eco_moni@usa.net>
> Dear Neil,
> In one older email you sad my about the prices of incinerators in witch you
>said that the recycling sistem is more cheaper.
> I have a question regarding that:what can be the price of this? because in
>the meeting with the Major and with the Guvernator that was the only think
>what we dont know.
> Our city have 230.000 citizens.
> Do you think that you can find out somethink?
> Thank you,
> Monica


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