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Here's a response I received from CA Dept. of Conservation.

Gary Liss

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Hi Gary,

Carol Nelson forwarded your note to me regarding the question, "How
much recycled glass in a bottle?"

That's an easy one! The short answer is 35% or more. I will have
an exact amount next week when I can find the data to more accurately
answer the question. The routine disclaimer is that this only applies to
bottles manufactured in California. We don't have the authority to impose
minimum content on bottles imported into the state. But, the good news is
that we believe many more bottles are made here with the minimum content
and that these far outweigh the volume coming into the state already filled
sale and consumptoion.

I, or Jim Hill of my staff will get back to you next. Thanks, Bill A.
At 02:51 PM 12/02/1999 -0600, Brian W. Pugh wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Somebody asked me for the average recycled content of glass bottles. Does
>anyone have a verified industry number for that?
>Brian Pugh
>Four-County Solid Waste
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