[GRRN] Envision toilet tissue

Hatti Koth (hattik@spnec.org)
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 10:27:19 -0600

Thank you for the heads-up about the potential discontinuation of this =
product (it is the brand I always buy at my co-op). I called the customer =
service number you provided and the operator said she personally agreed =
they should continue to sell this postconsumer recycled content paper. =
Sounding as though she felt powerless to do anything about it herself and =
that she had already received "a million calls about this" already (way to =
go pro-recycling voices!) she said the most effective way to voice our =
concerns is to write to the product manager, Ken Lane at 1650 Lake Cook =
Road, Deerfield, Illinois 60015. But I think it would make a big =
impression if folks continue to call as well as write.

Fort James, maker of
>>the Envision toilet tissue, will discontinue their unbleached, high
>>post-consumer t.p. very soon. A number of months ago Wisconsin Tissue, =
>>company which produces Second Nature Plus tissue products, discontinued
>>their high post-consumer toilet tissue. If Fort James follows suit, it
>>will mean that the 3 most environmentally sound t.p.'s made will be =
>>This from companies that make all kinds of claims about how
>>environmentally sensitive they are. It will be bad both from a recycling
>>perspective as well as from the perspective of clean water.

2) To convince the company NOT to discontinue making the Envision
>>unbleached t.p. products 100 and 150, it is vital that consumer buy and
>>use these products. The unbleached Envision products have minimum 95% =
>>and no bleaching; the standard by which environmentally sound tissue
>>products have been measured. Talk to your natural foods store or =
>>paper supplier. Call Fort James at 800-558-7325 and ask them not to
>>discontinue 100 and 150.