[GRRN] Green Computer Purchasing

David L. Stitzhal (fullcircle@nwnexus.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:27:54 -0700


Greetings Fellow GreenYes'ers,

I am involved in a research project investigating Environmentally
Preferable Purchasing of Computers. This program involves players from
City of Seatlle Public Utilities, King County (WA) Solid Waste Division,
the National Recycling Coalition, EPA HQ, and the Northwest Council on
Extended Product Responsibility.

At this stage we are pulling together as many information resources as
possible so they may be compiled and made available to others. This
information on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing of computer equipment
will also be used to help inform a stakeholder dialogue in the Northwest
between large computer purchasing entities as well as OEMs (original
equipment manufacturers).

While we already have Massachusetts's recent request for proposals for
information technology equipment, and we have contacted Minnesota OEA for
relevant material, there is a lot more out there, and I would appreciate
your forwarding any relevent material.

We are interested in anything (manufacturer's specifications, white
papers, design papers, association guidelines) that may pertain to
the following criteria in computer/information technology equipment:

- reducing toxic constituents
- increasing recycled content
- reducing packaging
- increasing energy efficiency
- materials labeling
- lease versus purchase

If you have any information that may be of use on these criteria or
others, please send me website addresses or bibilographic

If you are interested in keeping up with progress on
this project, just send your e-mail address to Dawn Amore at NRC:

Thanks in advance for you assistance.


David Stitzhal, MRP, President
Full Circle Environmental, Inc.
2955 36th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144 USA
723-2452 fax