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Ted Smith (tsmith@igc.org)
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:21:16 -0700

>From: "Dawn Amore" <DawnA@NRC-Recycle.org>
>Organization: National Recycling Coalition (NRC)

>I hope you are able to join in on this online discussion. Please forward=
>to anyone who may be interested. Thanks. Dawn
>National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is launching a series of Internet-
>based discussions on electronics recycling through its new Electronics=20
>Recycling Online Forum. NRC has convened a group of experts to=20
>answer questions about different aspects of electronics recycling each=20
>month. The experts will answer your questions in two ways=97through an=20
>Internet message board and during real-time online chats.
>The Electronics Recycling Online Forum is open to anyone interested in=20
>learning more about managing end-of-life electronic equipment. The=20
>forum will provide a quick, expansive means to address barriers to=20
>computer reuse, establish communication links among organizations=20
>interested in computer reuse, and create a learning environment full of=20
>authoritative information on emerging topics.
>The first real-time chat is =93Trends in Electronics Recycling in the=
>States=94 and is scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, 1999, from 2:00=20
>to 3:00 pm ET. To join the discussion, go to http://www.nrc-
>recycle.org/Programs/electronics and look for the link to the forum and=20
>online chat. =20
>You can help us plan the real-time chats by posting questions to the=20
>online forum. How much electronic equipment is out there? What is=20
>being done with it? Any questions you may have about trends in=20
>electronics recycling can be posted to the forum.
>If you plan to attend, please RSVP by e-mailing Dawn Amore at=20
>First-time users will need to register (which takes less than five minutes)=
>and may be done in advance. Instructions for registering are on the=20
>website listed above.
>The Electronics Recycling Online Forum has been made possible by=20
>funding from the U.S. Postal Service. For more information, contact=20
>Dawn Amore at (703) 683-9025, ext. 205 or dawna@nrc-recycle.org.
>+++ Upcoming Electronics Recycling Online Chat Topics +++
>--Early November: Trends in Electronics Recycling
>--Late November: State and Local Policy Initiatives
>--December: Proper Management of End-of-Life Electronic Equipment
>--January: Contracting for Proper Recovery and Recycling
>--February: Procurement of Electronic Equipment
>--March: Certification of Electronics Recyclers
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>National Recycling Coalition
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>Alexandria, VA 22314-2720
>Phone: (703) 683-9025, ext. 205
>Fax: (703) 683-9026
>E-mail: dawna@nrc-recycle.org
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