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Blair Pollock (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:40:54 -0400

Reply to Paul Dunn's query last week (or so) on stops per hour for recycling:

Our urban curbside recycling program serving Chapel Hill, Carrboro and
Hillsborough towns in Orange Co. NC,
ave density of probably 4 units per acre of single family residential,
~14,500 homes collected weekly,
curbsort for seven materials: (3 glass, news& mags, metal cans, #1 bottles,
#2 bottles) "toss back" of contaminants,
two person crews,
side load, double entry, double drive trucks (one side dump) stops per hour
Three month stop/hour average, in program with ~85% monthly participation
and ave 38 lbs/ave bin/month (where divisor is all customers, not just
participants and hours are calculated from when they leave their shop to
return to their shop) were reported by the hauler as follows:

Multifamily: 43 carts lifted per hour in apartment complexes (~7 carts per
site, pre sorted materials)
Single family urban: 42 stops per hour.
Single family rural (biweekly, ~50% participation, same materials as

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