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Gary Liss (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 10:45:19


San Jose structured their SFD and MFD contracts to do just that. One of
the SFD haulers gets paid $5/household/month plus $270/ton recycled. San
Jose told proposers that they wanted the IWM contractors to make money from
recycling, not garbage. SJ put a cap on the amount of revenue contractors
could get from household fees, and the rest had to come from a price
proposed for tons recycled. Contact: Jo Zientek, 408-277-5533.

Santa Clara, CA charges differential franchise fees to haulers, based on
whether they have a recycling program or not. Contact: Rick Mauck,

Seattle's new IWM contracts will pay haulers similarly to San Jose ($/hhld
plus $/tons recycled), but without some of the integrated features (e.g.,
no cap on hhld fees). Contact: Ed Steyh, 206-684-7645.

Lou Ippolito also recently told me of communities he's working with in So.
CA where they structure franchise fees based on level of recycling haulers
achieve (e.g., franchise fees are higher if they divert a smaller
percentage of recycled materials; as diversion increases, franchise fees
go down). Contact: Lou Ippolito, 714-574-8611.

Hope this helps! Please keep me in loop as others are suggested - I try to
keep our "contracts network" email discussion group informed of these types
of issues.


Gary Liss

At 05:55 PM 08/25/1999 -0700, C2 Alternative Services wrote:
>Can anyone give me suggestions on local jurisdictions that have structured
>franchise hauler contracts (residential and/or commercial) to provide a
>strong financial incentive for increased diversion? Contact information
>will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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