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>NRC Newswire
>August 1999
>Volume 1, Issue 3
>Welcome to the third issue of the NRC Newswire. The Newswire is
>a free, monthly service of the National Recycling Coalition providing
>articles for newsletters published by state and regional recycling
>organizations (ROs).
>ORIGINAL CONTENT . . . Articles in the Newswire are originals
>provided especially for ROs. The two main articles will not appear
>in NRC's newsletter, The Connection, but the shorter items under
>"In the Loop" may appear there. You may use any of the articles in
>the NRC Newswire without further permission.
>If you prefer to download copies of the Newswire as a Microsoft
>Word or plain text file, please visit the NRC web site, www.nrc-
>recycle.org, and click on "Newswire."
>To help us make this service as useful as possible, please let us
>know if you plan to reprint any of the articles by sending a short
>message to newswire@nrc-recycle.org. You can also send any
>questions or comments to the same address.
>Thanks for using the NRC Newswire!
>In this issue:
>1) Inside the NRC: Building Membership--Visions of a 10,000
>Strong Coalition
>2) NRC Identifies Recycling Coordinators' Needs
>3) In the Loop (short informational items)
>By William Ferretti, NRC Executive Director
>NRC’s total membership numbers nearly 6,000. But we all know
>there are many more individuals and organizations out there whose
>work contributes to the growth of recycling and its long-term
>sustainability. These professionals, volunteers, businesses,
>agencies and nonprofit organizations are part of our
>community of recycling. Their actions contribute directly or
>indirectly to the goals we all are striving for. If only we were better
>connected with one another, our combined impact could be so
>much greater than it is separately.
>At the NRC, we want to maximize this opportunity for combined
>impact by recruiting these individuals and organizations to become
>members. Beginning this year, we are launching a multi-year
>program to build membership in the NRC and in our affiliated state
>recycling organizations. Our strategy is to identify groups of
>individuals and/or organizations that share a common set
>of defining characteristics including, most importantly, a
>connection to recycling. Working with our affiliated state
>organizations, we will then tailor a recruitment campaign to their
>interests, highlighting those NRC and state organization services
>and programs that are most likely to appeal to that audience.
>Our first target audience is a group of 3,000 businesses (mostly
>small and medium-sized) that have taken an interest in our Buy
>Recycled Business Alliance. The Alliance is a major program of
>the NRC, conducted in partnership with more than 20 nameplate
>business organizations such as Target Stores, McDonald's and the
>U.S. Postal Service. Over the last five years, the 3,000 target
>businesses responded to the appeals by our Alliance
>partners to adopt buy recycled programs. Through the Alliance
>programs, we provided those companies with a modest level of free
>information to help them implement and grow their buy recycled
>We now want to recruit these companies to become members of
>the NRC and, in so doing, become automatic members in our
>affiliated state and regional recycling organizations. We think we
>have more to offer these potential members by way of services. But
>more importantly, we think we have more to gain as a coalition by
>securing their membership. By bringing more consumers
>of recycled products into the NRC family, we create new
>opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect, for closing loops
>between consumers, collection programs and manufacturers and
>for strengthening the voice of the NRC when we say we represent
>the entire recycling community.
>Coalitions derive their strength from their sheer size of numbers
>and from the diversity of their memberships. When united in a
>common mission, they are powerful agents of change. As an agent
>of change, the National Recycling Coalition has had significant
>success in advancing the state of recycling. We aim to continue
>building on that success by becoming an even larger coalition of
>individuals and organizations united in the common goal of
>advancing and improving recycling, source reduction, composting
>and reuse in order to conserve resources and benefit the
>environment. Just think what we could accomplish if we were
>10,000 strong!
>As a first step in its "Recycling Works" program, the National
>Recycling Coalition (NRC) recently interviewed more than 25 local
>government recycling coordinators nationwide during four focus
>groups in Charlotte, Philadelphia, St. Paul, and Portland. During
>the focus groups, which were facilitated by Mary Kay Morris of
>Procter and Gamble, NRC asked for reactions to different
>products and services it could provide to recycling coordinators, as
>well as opinions on what determines a recycling program’s long-
>term sustainability.
>According to NRC's research, recycling coordinators need:
>--Assistance in integrating the economics of recycling into a
>comprehensive waste and resource management system, e.g.,
>setting service fees, providing economic incentives for recycling
>and waste reduction, internalizing solid waste management costs
>and promoting full-cost accounting.
>--More partnerships between manufacturers and recyclers to
>expand markets for recycled materials and to further institutionalize
>the use of recycled content and buy recycled programs.
>--Comprehensive and better-funded educational programs not only
>to reach the general public, but also elected officials and opinion
>--More state and federal policies to encourage the use of recycled
>materials and products and to provide funding sources for recycling
>and pubic education programs.
>In general, the recycling coordinators suggested that NRC should
>not necessarily conduct original research and develop
>recommendations on “best practices” for recycling programs, but
>rather, act as an information clearinghouse to get available
>information in the hands of people that need it. A full summary of
>the focus group results and suggestions on a range of topics from
>economics to program sustainability is available from the NRC
>During the next phase of the project, NRC staff will be preparing a
>workplan based on the results of the focus groups to present to
>potential funders. In the interim, NRC plans to:
>--Establish a national listserv for recycling coordinators this fall.
>--Sponsor a networking breakfast for recycling coordinators at the
>upcoming NRC Congress and Exhibition in Cincinnati on
>September 28.
>--Compile a database of published research that recycling
>coordinators can use to improve their programs.
>For more information on the "Recycling Works" project, contact
>Edgar Miller, NRC’s Director of Policy and Programs at (703) 683-
>9025, ext. 208 or edgarm@nrc-recycle.org.
>--NRC has contracted with David Biddle of the Center for Solid
>Waste Research and Terry Gray of TAG Resource Recovery to
>serve as trade facilitators for the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
>Recyclables Exchange. Biddle will handle the range of
>commodities traded on the CBOT Recyclables Exchange, while
>Gray will focus his efforts on facilitating trades involving crumb
>rubber and related recycled rubber materials. Both will contact
>current and prospective users to encourage them to post "buy" or
>"sell" listings on the Exchange, facilitate “match making” and
>document trades between buyers and sellers. They will also
>develop a methodology to summarize commodity price information
>and recommend possible design changes to the Exchange to
>increase its use by the recycling industry. Contact David
>Biddle at (215) 247-2974 and Terry Gray at (281) 463-7552 for more
>--Two new states have joined the America Recycles Day family.
>Idaho and Wyoming are gearing up to bring America Recycles Day
>to their residents. A listing of local events and pledging will soon be
>available on the America Recycles Day website. Visit
>www.americarecyclesday.org and celebrate the day on November
>--Rural recyclers should plan to attend one of the three remaining
>events in the 1999 Rural Recycling Seminar Series hosted by
>NRC's Rural Recycling Council. The seminars with take place
>October 28-29, 1999 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and December 3 in
>Rock Hill, South Carolina. Amarillo, Texas will also host a seminar
>with dates to be announced. For more information, contact Nikki J.
>Jones at (703) 683-9025, ext. 213 or nikkij@nrc-recycle.org.
>*** End of August 1999 NRC Newswire ***