[GRRN] Fw: mattress shredding

BRING Recycing (bring@efn.org)
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:35:03 -0700

Does anyone out there have some experiences or information about Matress
Recycling for this industrious fellow?
You may contact him directly please.

Sarah Grimm
Education Coordinator
BRING Recycling
From: Lyle Harris <lharris@svdplanecounty.org>
To: bring@efn.org
Subject: mattress shredding
Date: Friday, July 30, 1999 2:16 PM

Hi sarah,
I have a question for you about recycling mattresses, boxsprings and
hide-a-beds. I want to set up an industrial shredder that will reduce
these items to 2-inch pieces and drop this stream onto a conveyor belt.
I've tested my shredder, and am comfident in that part of the process.
What I get out the other end is a co-mingled shred of foam, wood, fiber,
and metals. I'm looking for someone else in the world that is currently
involved in metals seperation from a similar shred. I think a cross-belt
magnet system would perform well, and am going to test this. If anyone
else has any information on this type of recycling, I'd really like to
hear about it and trade ideas.
I have already found a few new furniture manufacturers that shred
mattresses for volume reduction only and don't recover the steel. I've
heard that some people may be shredding car seats in the midwest.
However, I don't know who they are, nor if they recover materials.
Lyle Harris