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you should see the crap people put in their light fraction bin in Germany
its a mess

the system is not that high tech, and they still end up with a grey plastic
mass at the end.

Its not a total solution, and it doesnt make sense in the US


Michele Raymond

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>Chemical Engineering: No-hands Recycling
> NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 16, 1999--What is thought to be the
>world's first fully automated plant for sorting plastic recyclables is being
>built in Hannover, Germany, Chemical Engineering reports. Expected to be up
>and running next May, the 25,000 m.t./yr plant will have no manual sorting
>steps -- cutting sorting costs in half. Contaminants, such as paper and
>metals, are removed through different cleaning mechanisms using air blowers
>and magnets. The process was developed jointly by HTP-Ingenieurgesellschaft
>fur Aufbereitungstechnik and the Institute for Preparation Technology of
>(Aachen, Germany).
>Thought some of you would be interested.
>David Biddle
>Philadelphia, PA
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