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Fri, 18 Jun 1999 17:09:06 -0400 (EDT)

>Subject: Re: Plastics Resources
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> Did anyone else pick up on the very small news article about the
>20,000 barrels of plastics waste (vinyl manufacturing waste) that was
>shipped from Taiwan to Cambodia where two people subsequently died handling
>it or being near it. It was all gathered up and put out to sea again.
> The Taiwan manufacturers next tried to send it to California but
>were rejected. They are now negotiating with US companies in Idaho and
>Texas who seem agreeable to taking it but the Ports of Seattle and Tacome
>(Washington) won't allow the material to be shipped thru there.
> Okay, so Taiwan won't allow it there (even tho they produced it), a
>third world country won't accept Taiwan's plastic waste but the US
>(Idaho/Texas) will? I live in Idaho. Don't you think I feel good about
>this? I think I'll move to Cambodia. They seem to be more intelligent
>there, or environmentally sensitive, or not so damned money grubbing that
>they'll do anything for a buck. Yes there are multi-millions to be made in
>"processing" this waste and burying it for future generations to deal with.
>Just another hidden cost of the wonderful world of plastic.
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