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Here's someone else who needs help

>Subject: Pet (fwd)
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>From: "Conrad Beukes" <conradb@sla.co.za>
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>Subject: PET

>Good day
>I require some information on the processes involved in PET recycling. It
>seems that this information is extremely difficult to come by in South
>Africa. I am currently busy with my MBA-degree and require information on
>how to set up a venture specializing in PET recycling. How is the
>containers cleaned, to what size must the "chips" be reduced, how is the
>plastic treated to make it market-ready, cost of the machinery , etc.
>Recycling is not very big in S.A. but is gaining momentum. Should this
>study proof a PET recycling venture to be viable, we would likely persue it
>Looking forward to your reply
>Conrad Beukes
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