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>greenyes-d Digest Volume 99 : Issue 178
>Today's Topics:
> [GRRN] Recycled Construction Materials/Elements [
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>Subject: [GRRN] Recycled Construction Materials/Elements
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>The following site covers sustainable development, and includes links to
>sites that have databases of recycled content building products:
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><title>Sustainable Development/Design</title>
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>=2Egov"><strong><font size=3D"-1">Send
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>"../Bulletin/env_rest.htm"><AREA SHAPE=3D"RECT" COORDS=3D"0, 118, 157, 13=
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>" src=3D"../images/bordrbar.gif"></a></p>
></td><td valign=3D"top" width=3D"24"></td><!--msnavigation--><td valign=3D=
><h3 align=3D"center"><font face=3D"Arial"><big>Environmentally Conscious =
>Design, Construction,
>and Manufacturing/Sustainable Development</big></font></h3>
><p><img src=3D"../images/FOLDER.GIF" alt=3D"FOLDER.GIF (848 bytes)" WIDTH=
>=3D"14" HEIGHT=3D"11"> </strong><small><font face=3D"Arial">LBNL Master F=
>acility Specifications:&nbsp; Revised for Waste Minimization and
>Environmental Considerations - 1998&nbsp; <strong>Has been moved to the D=
>OE Menu.&nbsp; If
>you do not have DOE access, contact Ms. Shelley Worsham at (510)486-6123 =
>for a copy. </strong></font></small></p>
><p><small><font face=3D"Arial"><strong>U.S. DOE sponsored Links:</strong>=
> </font></small>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://www.sustainable.doe.g=
>ov">Center for Excellence
> for Sustainable Development</a> helps communities design and implemen=
>t innovative
> strategies that enhance the local economy as well as the local enviro=
>nment and quality of
> life. Created by the U.S. DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renew=
>able Energy, the new
> Center of Excellence offers the many services to urban and rural comm=
>unities, and the
> Federal, State and local agencies that assist them in community devel=
>opment. Communities
> are broadly defined to include cities, villages, towns and neighborho=
>ods, as well as
> national parks, industrial parks and other &quot;communities of inter=
>est.&quot; </font></small><ul>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://WWW.SUSTAINABLE.D=
> Building Technical Manual:&nbsp; Green Building Design, Construct=
>ion and Operations</em></a>
> helps architects, developers, building owners, government officia=
>ls, and others implement
> sustainable development practices. (DOWNLOADABLE)</font></small><=
> </ul>
> </li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> for the 21st Century</a> by EREN</font></small> and links to <a href=3D=
>"">other DOE building sites</a>,=
> such as <a href=3D"">Greening Fede=
>ral Facilities</a></li>
> <li><a href=3D""><small>=
><font face=3D"Arial">Kansas
> City Plant Online Catalog of Manufacturing Technologies</font></small=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial">NREL's <a href=3D"
>uildings/exemplary/otherlnk.htm">Links to Energy Efficient
> Design and Construction Information</a> </font></small></li>
> <li><font face=3D"Arial"><small><a href=3D"/epic/html/P2Edge.stm">Pacif=
>ic Northwest National
> Laboratory &quot;P2 by Design&quot; Project</a> This DOE EM-334 proje=
>ct offers an
> integrated set of tools to help engineers and designers incorporate p=
>ollution prevention
> strategies during the design of new products, processes, and faciliti=
>es in order to reduce
> life cycle costs and increase materials and energy efficiency.</small=
><p><small><font face=3D"Arial"><strong>Other sources:</strong> </font></s=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial">AFCEE's <a href=3D"http://www.afcee.bro=
> Quality Protection Planning Bulletin/Manual, 1989</a>, provides the i=
>nstallation planner
> with a framework for defining and then incorporating environmental qu=
>ality considerations
> into the development and implementation of planning, design and const=
>ruction programs.
> Look under &quot;Air Force Documents&quot;</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://WWW.AFCEE.BROOKS.AF.M=
>IL/GREEN/resources/RESOURCES.HTM">Air Force
> Environmentally Responsible Facilities Guide</a> written by a team of=
> engineers,
> architects, and environmental specialists. Other Helpful Sustainable =
>Development Resources
> can be found at this location.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> sponsored by San Fransico, CA.</font></small><img src=3D"../images/NE=
>W2.GIF" alt=3D"NEW2.GIF (111 bytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"">=
>Built Green</a> Web site
> is the Green Building Program of Colorado. A helpful checklist is pro=
>vided.</font></small><img src=3D"../images/NEW2.GIF" alt=3D"NEW2.GIF (111=
> bytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://www.cst.gtri.gatech.e=
>du">Center for
> Sustainable Technology (Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmenta=
>l Engineering)</a>
> was created in 1993 in collaboration with World Engineering Partnersh=
>ips for Sustainable
> Development. CST works for sustainable development by developing part=
>nerships, creating
> programs at all levels (local, state, etc.), developing measures of s=
>ustainability, and
> promoting cultural change among engineers and other professionals who=
> create the built
> environment. </font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial">City of Austin TX:</font></small><ul>
> <li><a href=3D""><small><fon=
>t face=3D"Arial">Sustainable
> Communities Initiative</font></small></a></li>
> <li><a href=3D""><small><fo=
>nt face=3D"Arial">Green
> Building Program</font></small></a><img src=3D"../images/NEW2.GIF=
>" alt=3D"NEW2.GIF (111 bytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://www.greenbuilder.=
>com/">Sustainable Building
> Sources</a> provides articles, links, and the <a href=3D"http://w=
>">Sustainable Building Sourcebook</a>. The=
> sourcebook was created by the City of Austin's Green Builder Prog=
>ram and was orignally a
> 400 page document being translated into html.</font></small></li>=
> </ul>
> </li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a HREF=3D"
> on Green Design and Manufacturing, University of California (Berkeley=
> Industry/government/university partnership to study and integrate env=
> considerations into product design through engineering, management pr=
>actices, and
> policy-making. Considerations include analysis of risk in various pro=
>cesses. Developing
> software to analyze impacts of various manufacturing processes. </fon=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> is a Worldwide Sustainable Communities Network.</font></small></li>
> <li><a href=3D""><small><font face=3D"Arial">EPA=
> Design for Environment</font></small></a></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> Efficieny &amp; Environmental Newsletter: &quot;Sustainability: The C=
> issue is sponsored by the Florida Cooperative Extension Service.</fon=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>rugal.html">Frugal Corner</a>
> has links to sustainable living and culture. </font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>0/grnsd">Global Research
> Network on Sustainable Development (GRNSD)</a> An independent interna=
>tional network
> focusing on issues related to sustainable development. GRNSD has a nu=
>mber of Discipline
> and Theme Groups that examine specific aspects of problems. </font></=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>">Green Building
> Information Council</a> (GBIC)</font></small><img src=3D"../images/NE=
>W2.GIF" alt=3D"NEW2.GIF (111 bytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>esign/">Green Design
> Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University</a> Campus-wide program to enc=
> environmentally conscious product design, packaging, engineering, and=
> architecture.
> Private companies may join a consortium that will allow them to benef=
>it from the results
> of research projects and to provide input for future research.</font>=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> County Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide and Rating System</a> DRAFT=
> 11 </font></small><img src=3D"../images/NEW2.GIF" alt=3D"NEW2.GIF (111 b=
>ytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a HREF=3D"">Inter=
>national Institute for
> Sustainable Development (IISD)</a> is a Canadian non-profit promoting=
> and spreading
> information on sustainable development. Mostly planning, resource con=
> negotiation, international conferences/meetings.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a HREF=3D"">Interna=
>tional Development
> Research Centre (IDRC)</a> is a public corporation which invests in s=
>cience and technology
> to improve the quality of life in five areas: environment and natural=
> resources; social
> sciences; health sciences; information sciences and systems; and corp=
>orate affairs and
> initiatives. Many of its projects are targeted toward alleviating pov=
>erty and optimizing
> use of natural resources in the developing world. </font></small></li=
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial">The <a href=3D"
>t/~usc_techsupport/newwbdg/">Whole Building Design Guide
> (WBDG)</a> is a Navy-sponsored web site that seeks to: Replace outdat=
>ed, redundant,
> paper-based criteria documents, Move the Federal building procurement=
> process in-line with
> the private sector, Simplify access to building design information us=
>ing a single
> point-of-entry information resource, Guide A&amp;E's and project mana=
>gers through a Whole
> Building Approach to design. Provide guidance for designing environme=
>ntally sound
> buildings</font></small>.</li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a HREF=3D"
>=2Eau/">National Key Centre
> for Design, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)</a> Academ=
>ic group focusing on
> green design and sustainability. Emphasis on architecture, industrial=
> ecology, efficiency.
> Project descriptions on environmental redesign of commercial products=
>=2E Several good
> publications/conference papers available on-line. Information sources=
> on design and built
> environment available. Link to gopher server (
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>nstr/">National Park
> Service's Sustainable Design and Construction Database</a>-- New Rele=
>ase Version 2.0 now
> available for download. The Database now has product listings from ma=
>nufacturers, and
> recyclers of construction debris; books, periodicals, organizations, =
>and on-line
> (Internet) sources of sustainable information.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"http://www.oipea-www/rutgers=
>=2Eedu">Office of
> Industrial Productivity and Energy Assessment (OIPEA), Rutgers Univer=
>sity</a> The U.S.
> Department of Energy (DOE) has been funding energy and industrial ass=
>essments for small
> and medium sized manufacturing firms under the auspices of the Energy=
> Analysis and
> Diagnostic Center/Industrial Assessment Center (EADC/IAC) program sin=
>ce 1976. Data from
> the Industrial Assessments performed under the DOE's EADC/IAC program=
> are contained in two
> separate databases available at this web site.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
>html">REDI Guide to
> Building Materials</a> helps locate building materials, mechanical eq=
>uipment, and other
> products to build more environmentally-friendly buildings with an emp=
>hasis on energy
> efficiency.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"">Reusabl=
>e Building Materials
> Exchange</a> enables local governments to set up exchange sites for a=
> fee allowing items
> to be posted and sought for exchange. The site is sponsored by the En=
>ergy Outreach Center,
> a nonprofit organization in Washington State.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial">Rocky Mountain Institute's <a href=3D"h=
>ttp://">Links to resource-efficient and sustain=
> communities</a>.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> Development links</a> by the Communications for Sustainable Future We=
>b site.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> Business, and Environment Program (MIT Center for Technology Policy a=
>nd Industrial
> Development)</a> conducts research in product policy, loop-closing in=
>frastructure, and the
> life-cycle impacts of manufacturing and use. Topics of research inclu=
>de industrial
> ecology, durables recycling, life-cycle environmental impacts of mili=
>tary aircraft
> manufacturing and deployment, and the role of ECM and DFE design tool=
>s on organizational
> behavior and change. There is a significant list of available TBE pub=
>lications. Also a
> lengthy discussion of LCA as applied to the automobile industry in th=
>e <a href=3D"">Materials=
> Systems Laboratory
> section</a>.</font></small></li>
> <li><small><font face=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"
> J Council of Governments' Solid Waste program</a> is to promote waste=
> reduction; <em><a href=3D"
>morespec">Model Waste Specifications
> for Construction Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling</a></em> are a=
> <li><font face=3D"Arial"><small><a href=3D"">U.S. =
>Green Building Council</a>
> (USGBC) is the building industry's only balanced nonprofit consensus =
>coalition promoting
> the understanding, development and accelerated implementation of &quo=
> Building&quot; policies, programs, technologies, standards and design=
> practices. </small></font><img src=3D"../images/NEW2.GIF" alt=3D"NEW2.GI=
>F (111 bytes)" WIDTH=3D"28" HEIGHT=3D"11"></li>
>ation--><table border=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" width=3D"=
><div align=3D"center"><center>
><table align=3D"center" border=3D"1" height=3D"22">
> <tr>
> <td height=3D"16"><strong><a href=3D"../index.htm"><font size=3D"-1">=
>General Menu</font></a></strong></td>
> <td height=3D"16"><strong><a href=3D"search.STM"><font size=3D"-1">Se=
> <td height=3D"16"><strong><a href=3D"/epicdoe/"><font size=3D"-1">DOE=
> Menu</font></a></strong></td>
> <td height=3D"16"><strong><a href=3D"calendar.htm"><font size=3D"-1">=
> <td height=3D"16"><strong><a href=3D"
>"><font size=3D"-1">Send
> Comment</font></a></strong></td>
> </tr>
>End of greenyes-d Digest V99 Issue #178
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