[GRRN] Unincorporated Trash Contracts

Laura Yates (Laura_Yates@co.st-louis.mo.us)
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 09:04:06 -0500

** Proprietary **

I would appreciate assistance from list members on identifying urban =
county governments that contract with private haulers for unincorporated =
areas. I am interested in finding out the political/legislative and =
contractual process these communities went through. Also, I would like to =
know if the target areas were carved out into zones or franchises or =
awarded to a single hauler.

St. Louis County (Missouri) is evaluating the feasibility of contracting =
for trash service/recycling for unincorporated areas. We have over 1M =
population with approximately 35% unincorporated and 65% in 91 municipaliti=
es. Three major haulers and about a dozen small haulers serve the =
metropolitan area.

Addressing the needs of unincorporated residents for increased recycling =
has been a tremendous challenge for us. I appreciate being able to learn =
from others. Thanks for your help.