Re: [GRRN] glass vs plastic and refillables

Pat Franklin (
Fri, 28 May 1999 10:16:17 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Neil. We do need to get together on the refillable issue. There is
definitely interest out there.

At 08:40 AM 5/28/99 -0400, Intitute for Local Self-Reliance wrote:
>I appreciate the discussions of glass vs plastic and refillables in
>For those who want to foresake refillables, I remind that initial EPA
>studies made in the early l970's estimated that refillables are 200
>times more efficient with regard to energy and pollution vs. recycling.
>With regard to the "need for market pull". Certainly markets for
>recovered materials are critical. But let us not fall prey to the myth
>of the market. The market is what we make it. That is, the market
>reflects the rules we make to govern our lives. We can change rules as
>we want to change our lives.
>More on this later.
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