Michele Raymond (michele@raymond.com)
Tue, 25 May 1999 10:36:24 -0400

If I may make a few constructive suggestions to the activists:

1. Glass is only 2% of waste stream by volume. and it is shrinking --
plastics are inevitable. I personally don't think we need to collect glass

2. May I suggest that the environmental comunity might get farther if they
back away from the refillables issue for the U.S. Its kind of late as the
distribution system has changed. I have been to Germany, and I believe that
if there were more choices, even they would go for the lighter PET,
refillable or not. I agree it makes a lot of sense in many instances, but
its too late in the U.S. and you simply won't make any progress.

What is needed is a LARGE market PULL for all kinds of plastics.

Also, as I suggested before, if gas were $2-3 gallon, people would drive
less and be more eficicent nad perhaps change their apetite for SUV's.


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