Re: [GRRN] Refillables

Bill Carter (
Sun, 23 May 1999 23:09:08 -0500

Jerry Powell shared with me this source of documentation for lower beverage
sales in deposit states:
... The best source of data on the sales loss was a study by Bill Shireman
(formerly of Californians Against Waste, now of Global Futures) that was
about as comprehensive a look as I can remember. Also, beer sales data for
neighboring states (typically publicly available data because of liquor tax
receipts) supports the finding. ...
One of the arguments against local deposit laws I've heard is the potential
that too many people would find ways to buy the beverages from "across the
border" in non-deposit territory simply to avoid the unwanted deposit
and/or to try to defraud the deposit system with non-deposit containers.
How much of the difference in beverage sales levels between deposit and
non-deposit states might be attributable to such cross-border purchasing?
Did any of the studies/sources look at that possiblility? If this is the
problem, then it would disappear if all states had deposits and no one
could "run for the border."


> From: Helen Spiegelman <>
> To:;;
> Subject: Re: [GRRN] Refillables
> Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 6:20 PM
> At 01:55 PM 5/21/99 EDT, wrote:
> > a representative of the Beer Industry told that they fought this >type
> legislation because beer sales in Bottle Bill States were lower than >in
> non-Bottle Bill States.
> I would like to see the numbers. My experience is that claims like this
> from the beverage industries (who are fighting bottle bills) are the most
> frequently cited "literature" connecting sales and deposits. Until the
> beverage companies substantiate these claims, I remain skeptical....
> H.
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