Re: [GRRN] Recycling in stadiums

Tara Blumer (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 14:55:11 -0600


"The Super Bowl of Recycling," BioCycle, January 1996
"Taking it out at the Ballgame," Waste Age, May 1998
"Olympic Waste Collection May Break Reacords," Waste Age, August 1996
"Waste from Stadiums," Waste Age Magazine, April 1993
1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games Waste Prevention, Recycling, and =
Composting Opportunities, by Municipal Industrial Solid Waste Div., US =
EPA, 401 M St., SW, Washington DC 20460.

Tara Blumer
Multifamily Recycling Coordinator
Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium
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>>> Patricia Imperato <> 04/02/99 01:51PM >>>
Does anyone have information on recycling in stadiums. We are also
looking for case studies on green designs for stadiums or similar type
buildings (open or closed roofs).


Pat Imperato

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