[GRRN] US EPA proposed rules on Lead Based Paint C&D debris

Pete Pasterz (Pete.Pasterz@USDWP.MSU.EDU)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:49:06 -0500

FYI from another listserv:

>>> Mark Loughmiller <kelmar19@IDT.NET> 02/17 11:35 AM >>>
I have just been alerted to a proposed ruling, published in the December
18, 1998 Federal Register regarding Lead Based Paint abatement. As
described to me, if adopted, it would require landfilling of all
materials generated from demolition of structures pre-dating 1978
(including concrete) and preclude recycling of any demo debris generated
from the demolition activity. Mr. Bill Turley, Executive Director of
the Construction Materials Recyclying Association notified me of this
situation this morning. US EPA was taking comment through February 16,
1999 so those wishing to weigh in should mount an effort to extend the
deadline for public comment.