Re: [GRRN] Pre- and Post consumer #6

Bill Carter (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 19:00:11 -0600

The following has to do with EPS packaging, not food-service EPS.

There is an Alliance of Foam packaging Recyclers that has an 800
number (800-944-8448) and web site ( giving
information on where you can recycle the bulky-type eps packaging. I
checked the web reference and found there are no sites in Texas or
Louisiana, and 1-4 each in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
There's about 10 in Florida. That's all I checked. There are 6 locations
given as "remote" locations where you can ship the stuff by UPS to them
from the "remote" areas like Texas.

The site also lists a number to get information about loose-fill EPS
recycling opportunities: 800-828-2214. It's apparently a separate
network of sites from the big-chunk bulky EPS packaging.

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