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Did anyone see the movie "Dumb and Dumber"????? Well I'm feeling pretty
dumb today and feeling dumber by the minute. First I balk about the Job
Postings then I send out an email saying that Alberta requires deposits on
milk containers. Jerry Powell (bless him for knowing EVERYTHING) very
politely reminded me that a one year extension has been granted the milk
industry. As you can see by the following article that is in our newsletter
(going in the mail tomorrow) I just did an article on the milk container

Regarding Jerry's comment about getting industry to fund recycling programs
that address MORE THAN JUST BEVERAGE CONTAINERS.......the problem is
recovery of beverage containers (BC's) through alternative collection
infrastructures such as curbside and drop off simply does not recover the
volume of BC that a deposit infrastructure does and those collection
infrastructures are funded by taxpayers.
Alberta's Environmental Protection Minister, Ty Lund, has indicated that he
favors a voluntary recycling system for milk containers. However, he has
said that milk containers will be subject to Alberta"s deposit law if the
industry does not meet desired recycling rates. Lund gave the industry a
deadline of April 1, 1999, at which time the voluntary system must be ready
for implementation.

If recycling rates do not meet the level of 75 percent within one year, milk
containers will be included in the province's deposit system. To date no
other provinces or states have included milk containers in their deposit system.

Thanks Jerry!!!!!!!

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>Pat: Alberta may soon begin to use deposits on milk, but I don't think they
>are doing it now, as you say in your recent e-mail broadcast. But I think
>you'll find that Environment Minister Ty Lund has given the milk industry the
>opportunity to develop a voluntary recovery system, likely to use the current
>redemption center network, so long as it attains a 70-percent recovery level.
>I've always liked this aproach: tell industry a deposit law will be adopted
>(or adopt a deposit law but don't implement it) so long as a voluntary
>recycling system attains the same level as expected under a redemption system.
>Thus, as in Ontario, industry would be forced to fund larger scale efforts
>(e.g., those handling far more than just beverage containers).
>Jerry Powell
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