[GRRN] [Staff] Happy Holidays

Jim Ragsdale (jim@earthsystems.org)
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:30:33 -0500

Dear Friends,

Season's Greetings!

The people at earthsystems.org would like to take this opportunity to
express to all members our sincere appreciation for your support during this
last year. Over the past 12 months, we have added many new and exciting
environmental education and information services to the earthsystems.org
website. The New Year is now upon us and our plans are to continue to add
even more programs and resources to our valuable service offerings.

We would like to direct the attention of our members and non-members alike
to a part of the earthsystems.org site that has been especially designed to
present an overview of the projects that we have worked on over the last
year and some that we plan to complete during the upcoming year. We hope
that you'll accept our invitation to visit this special site. When you
browse the site you'll find two documents under the "What's New" section.
One is a holiday greetings letter to earthsystems.org members. The second,
is the earthsystems.org Winter newsletter. The two will hopefully present
the "big picture" of the vision of earthsystems.org and the heights it
hopes to reach throughout the next year.

The success of our vision largely depends on the generosity of our
membership. As we endeavor into a New Year we would appreciate your
consideration of supporting earthsystems.org and its environmental
education mission. Because of our non-profit status, support isn't
strictly limited to monetary donations. We are continually searching
around the globe for sources of environmental information and other related
resources such as trip journals, environmental subject materials,
environmental history records, grant sources, and quotes from kids. If
any of these suggestions are an option for you, please feel free to contact

All of us here at earthsystems.org would like to send our warmest regards
for a wonderful holiday season and a joyous New Year.

"Educating the Earth"