Compost Operator's Advanced Topics Seminar to Feature Dr. Elaine Ingham

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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:41:48 -0500

Compost Operator's Advanced Topics Seminar to Feature Dr. Elaine Ingham

If you've ever heard Dr. Elaine Ingham speak, you seek other
opportunities to hear her. Why? Because she can never get everything she
has to offer into one presentation. At least that has been my experience.
Although I met her only a year ago, I have heard her six times ranging from
Seattle to Kansas City to North Carolina, and eagerly look forward to her
coming presentation in Ann Arbor Friday Dec. 4, 1998.

Elaine's focus is on the soil foodweb. She has done more to develop
understanding about how bacteria, fungi, protozoa, microarthropods and
nematodes in healthy soil interact to free up nutrients for plants than any
other person around. She has a quality rare for an academic, she can talk
in language we can all understand. She makes it fun, and she makes it
stick. (Well, after a few repititions, perhaps.)

According to Ingham, Associate Professor at Oregon State University
and founder of Soil FoodWeb, Inc., "If we get health back into the soil you
no longer have to add pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides. You can
even drop herbicide applications out of the system. How do you get health
back into the soil? Compost. Good compost."

So how do you make good compost? Find out from Elaine Ingham
herself at the Michigan Compost Council's Advanced Topics Seminar 8:30
am-4:00 pm, Friday, December 4, 1998, at Weber's Inn Conference Center in
Ann Arbor, Michigan. Fee for non-members is $135, for members, $100.
Registration is through the Michigan Recycling Coalition, 517-371-7073, FAX
517-371-1509. Registrations prior to Monday, 3:00 pm, November 30 will
guarantee lunch.

Here's a chance for those of us in the midwest to hear her.

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