[GRRN] Waste reduction and recycling humor

Tue, 28 Dec 1999 18:22:57 EST

Hello again! I am writing a series of short resident newsletter articles for
use by Housing Authorities and other multi-family properties. I would like
to use humor to bring attention to my articles but unfortunately I am not
much of a jokester. So, I am looking for a source of jokes and perhaps small
cartoons or even puzzles about waste reduction and recycling -- the simpler
and sillier the better. I'd prefer ones that are out in the public domain so
I don't have to track anyone down to get permission to use them.

Or perhaps you can suggest a few new ones. I can't promise others won't use
them but you will get credit from me. How about finishing this one:

"Knock, knock."
"Who is there?"
"Paper or plastic."
"Paper or plastic who?"

I came up with an answer about using a reusable bag but was told it wasn't
funny enough.


Portia Sinnott
Waste Reduction Project/MS+
Sebastopol, CA