[GRRN] Glass Blasting Abrasive/ NJ Dept of Conservation

Tue, 28 Dec 1999 01:21:59 EST

If you work for, or know anyone who works for, the NJ Dept of Conservation,
or are interested in recycled glass blasting abrasive, please read the

There are about four companies currently processing recycled glass as a
blasting abrasive in the U.S. After much effort, they are finally making
some realistic headway in a tough industrial market. It's a nice value
market, especially for mixed color waste glass. For the web site of one, see

However, a recent development could kill this nascent industry. A Canadian
has managed to get a patent accepted by the US Patent office for the
application. He is making demands on the current processors that would
eliminate them.

A legal challenge is being mounted to the patent. However, it requires proof
of public information on the use of crushed glass as a blasting abrasive
prior to October, 1992. The Clean Washington Center published a report
including information on crushed glass blasting abrasive in December, 1992.
We have also found mentions of the application in two Resource Recycling
Magazines prior to 10/92.

Bassichis Company (now Strategic Materials) in Cleveland was selling crushed
glass as an abrasive long ago, but we have not found documentation to prove

Here's where NJ comes in. One of the articles mentions West PAterson
Automated Recycling and a guy named Mark Rudman. It says that he applied to
the NJ Dept. of Conservation for a grant. That must have been prior to
10/92. I tracked down the successor organization to Automated Recycling &
they were not particularly helpful. If this document could be found, it
could be greatly helpful.

If you've read this far, and have other resources or ideas for older info,
please contact me. Please remember, THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS GLASS BEAD

Bob Kirby