Fri, 24 Dec 1999 14:22:22 EST

* National Forest Protection Alliance * Religious Campaign for Forest
Conservation * * Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment=20
* The National Catholic Rural Life Conference *
National Jobs & Environmental Day of Action -- Earth in the Balance
Des Moines, Iowa -- Wednesday, January 12, 2000
(time and place to be announced)
Special Guest: David Brower
Members of organized labor, environmental groups, clergy, farmers,
indigenous peoples, small businesses, recyclers, students, elected
officials, party activists, and more, are converging in Iowa as=E2=80=9C=20
home of the nation's first presidential contest -- to demand that the
presidential candidates begin addressing the most pressing issues=20

An unprecedented alliance of labor/environmental/religious/indigenous/farm=20
recently came together in Seattle to protest the undemocratic WTO and its=20
assault on farmers, workers and the environment. Some of these same leader=
and organizations are now planning a major PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION
in Des Moines, Iowa, for WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12. =20

The demonstration will be held near Vice President Al Gore's Campaign=20
Headquarters in downtown Des Moines. After the rally, demonstrators will=20
caravan to the campaign headquarters of other candidates. This is a=20
nonpartisan event, and we will be addressing all the major candidates=20
competing in Iowa, Democrat and Republican. =20
Our message to the candidates is simple: not enough is being done by our=20
government to protect small family farms, workers and the environment.=20
We want a contract with the presidential candidates to set our nation on
a sustainable path that protects locally-owned businesses, family farmers
and the environment. These issues are not receiving the attention=20
they deserve in the presidential campaign, and we demand a national=20

Any and all organizations and activists committed to this goal are
welcome. Bundle up for the cold weather (the event will be held outside),=20
and bring your family and friends. Also bring your props, costumes,=20
signs, banners, and energy and ideas. If you can't travel to Iowa, but=20
want to support the demonstration, you can ENDORSE THIS EVENT by adding=20
your organization's name to the list of groups that endorse the goals of=20
the demonstration. =20

This list will be distributed to the media. We will sign your group on=20
(please keep your message brief -- all we need is the name of your=20
organization and a message
saying, "Sign us on"). You can also help by FORWARDING THIS ANNOUNCEMENT =20=
to anyone and everyone you know in the environmental, farm, labor, small =20
business and religious communities. The presidential candidates=20
are struggling for every vote they can get in Iowa, a state where retail=20=
politics still thrives, and where the candidates must respond to the will =20=
of the voters. This is a rare opportunity for us to send a powerful=20
message to our political leaders as we enter the next century.
to Iowa for a few days before or after the demonstration will have an=20
opportunity to participate in the statewide-televised January 8 Democratic=20
and January 15 Republican presidential debates taking place in Des=20
Moines. While few, if any, of us will be able to get inside the hall (it=20
only seats 200), most of the action will be taking place outside.=20

The influx of national media into Iowa during that week will create numerous=
opportunities for us to advance our cause. We'll need to stay flexible and=
seize whatever opportunities present themselves, but we'll definitely be=20
planning some sort of formalized press events around the debates (at which=20
participating groups will have an opportunity to distribute their materials=20
to the media). We will also want to have a large presence (with signs and=20
banners) for the media outside the debate hall.]
NFPA has some funds available to assist with car travel for those in need. =20
NFPA will also assist as many activists as possible with housing, and we wil=
shuttle people to and from the airport (but we'll need details on your=20
For more information on the "RAUCOUS IN THE CAUCUS," or to endorse the
demonstration, please contact the National Forest Protection Alliance throug=
John Talberth [ or 505-986-1163], Jake Kreilick=20
[ or 406-829-6353] or Tom Weis [515-265-8266].