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Thanks Mr. Wollner. I mentioned our (San Jose) development of an =
incentive-based C&D program in an earlier reply to Ms. Dong. Here's =
information for other viewers as an edited cut and paste from that =

"There might be some useful information if anyone is interested in
following-up with the EPA on the text below. As well, Thomas Mueller =
GVRD (Vancouver, BC 604.436.6818) might have some ideas related to C&D =
(GVRD has explained that the reason for banning drywall at the landfill =
related to the release of hydrogen sulfide gas in the decomposition

Stephen M Bantillo
City of San Jos=E9
Environmental Services Department
Integrated Waste Management Division
777 North First Street, Suite 300
San Jos=E9, CA 95112
(408) 277-5533
(408) 277-3846 (vm) (email)
100% San Jos=E9 Live, Work & Play

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The EPA Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community
Tracking (EMPACT) Metro Grant announcement for FY 00 has been
posted on our website. The grant opened December 10 and will close
April 10, 2000. The grants are awarded in the amounts of $250,000 to
$400,000 for consortia of organizations wishing to conduct real-time
environmental monitoring, data management, and communication of
that environmental information to the public. Please feel free to call
Wienke Tax at 520/622-1622 if you have questions about the grant
application or the grant program in general. Also, please feel free to
forward this information to others in your organization or in the
environmental field. The grant is available on-line at

The ultimate goal of EMPACT is to assist communities to provide
sustainable public access to environmental monitoring data and =
that are clearly communicated in real-time (or timely), useful, and =
in the largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Environmental monitoring =
of the systematic measurement, evaluation, and communication of =
chemical, and/or biological information intended to give insight into
environmental conditions. EMPACT seeks to assist the American public in
day-to-day decision-making about their health and the environment.
Additional information about the EMPACT program and existing EMPACT
projects are available at

This solicitation will lead to grant awards which establish pilot =
in a
limited number of eligible cities. The pilot projects will emphasize =
advanced and innovative technologies to (A) monitor environmental =
and (B) provide and communicate environmental information to citizens. =
pilots also require effective partnerships between local and state
research institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the =
and/or the Federal Government. Data and information derived from EMPACT
monitoring activities must be disseminated using terminology and
format that are clearly understandable, relevant, and credible to the =

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Reply to Jodi Dong of Lantzville, B.C.
The City of San Jose, CA conducted an "Economic Study for a =
Construction and
Demolition Debris Deposit Program." They might have information that is
helpful to you. Contact Stephen Bantillo, Environmental Services =
Integrated Waste Management Division, 777 North First Street, Suite =
300, San
Jose, CA, USA, 95112-6340.
David Wollner
BRING Recycling
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> greenyes-d Digest Volume 99 : Issue 380

> Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:20:48 -0800 > From: "Dong, Jodi" <> > To: "'>'" <> > Subject: [GRRN] Construction/Demolition Waste Management > Message-ID: <347DF8A9B0CBD211B70D00104B344C4E155354@RDN3> > Content-Type: text/plain > > Does anybody have any information on the health and environmental = impacts of > burning and/or landfilling C/D waste? We are in the early stages of > compiling information to develop policy on this issue. Any = suggestions or > information is appreciated! > > > Jodi Dong > Environmental Services > Regional District of Nanaimo > 6300 Hammond Bay Rd. > Lantzville, B.C. V0R 2H0 > (250) 390-6514 > > = ------------------------------------------------------------------------=