[GRRN] Eagle Mountain Landfill Secures Final Permit

Wed, 15 Dec 1999 18:03:15 EST

So now we usher in a new era of "high-tech" landfills: just go out and
find an abandoned open-pit mine with rail access, get the feds to do a
land exchange to acquire as much additional land as you'll need to round
out your staging area requirements, then get the state to hand over all
the permits and PRESTO! you're making garbage cheap and easy again, and
if you're lucky you can put all this right next to a national park...
Adios recycling!

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Eagle Mountain Project Secures Final Permit; California Rail Haul of
Urban Waste Now Feasible

PALM DESERT, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- After more than 10 years in
permitting process, the Eagle Mountain Landfill project today received
final approval. The California Integrated Waste Management Board voted
unanimously (5-0) to concur with the permit prepared by the Riverside
Department of Environmental Health, the local agency charged with
and overseeing the operating permit for Eagle Mountain.

Eagle Mountain is now the only fully permitted railhaul landfill in
California. With all permits in hand, project developer Mine Reclamation
Corporation will seek to finalize municipal waste contracts needed to
and open the regional railhaul facility.

"We are elated by this approval," Richard A. Daniels, MRC president & CEO
stated. "And the timing is perfect. According to LA County projections,
region could run out of disposal capacity as early as 2003. Eagle
can now be ready to meet that need."

Chairman of the California Integrated Waste Management Board, Dan Eaton
"This is a culmination of 15 years of public debate. The success of this
project is now in the hands of those communities who want to see AB939
on a regional basis. Eagle Mountain will provide that opportunity both
locally and regionally."

"Eagle Mountain is a necessity, and is preferable to landfills in heavily
populated areas, as long as we are not endangering the environment,"
former Senator David Roberti, California Integrated Waste Management
Member. "I feel confident we are not with Eagle Mountain."

Approval from the state Waste Board completes the 20 permit approvals
necessary for Eagle Mountain to construct and operate, and follows an
exhaustive regulatory and legal process that began in 1989. The project
completed two mandated environmental reviews and was subjected to more
50 public hearings over the last 10 years.

"Our ultimate success is due to the fact that this site is an ideal one
its intended purpose and the fact that there is a continuing need for
environmentally superior disposal options in Southern California,"
said. "It's time to stop sending waste to urban areas near population
centers via air-polluting trucks on crowded freeways. Eagle Mountain can
replace older, unlined, urban landfills and provide safe, long-term
in the region."

The Eagle Mountain project is located 60 miles east of Indio in the
desert of Riverside County. The project will reclaim an existing,
open-pit formerly mined by Kaiser Steel. Eagle Mountain is designed to
receive a maximum of 20,000 tons per day of nonhazardous, municipal solid
waste via rail for up to 50 years.

SOURCE Eagle Mountain Landfill and Recycling Center

CO: Eagle Mountain Landfill and Recycling Center; Riverside County
Department of Environmental Health; Mine Reclamation Corporation