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Melissa Bernardin (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 21:33:07 EST

Re: Starbucks Coffee Cup

I wasnt aware that there was a study about size reduction of the Starbucks
coffee cups. I had read, however, in Mother Earth News (I think that was
the pub) a couple months ago that Starbucks was thinking of following in the
steps of Ben & Jerry's in introducing unbleached containers (B & Js is only
using that material for the vanilla pint, I believe) and looking into moving
toward unbleached cups. Anyone know if there are plans for that?
On a side note, it was another sad realization on the still ubiquitous use
of polystyrene foam in the food service industry when I moved back to the
east coast in August after a 2 year stint in CA (where paper Starbucks cups
are the norm) to Boston where every other Bostonian clutches a PS cup on
their way to work in the morning (many of which unfortunately end up in the

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