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"Starbucks Drops Effort To Find Enviro-Friendly Cup"

Does anyone have any info on this?
Debra Lombard

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The Environmental Information Service
Monday, December 13, 1999

Today's Greenwire Daily Briefing is now available on National Journal's Cloakroom:

TOP STORY: NATIONAL MONUMENTS: Babbitt Requests Designation For Three Sites

-- GREEN BUSINESS: Starbucks Drops Effort To Find Enviro-Friendly Cup
-- OIL SPILLS: Tanker Spills Diesel Fuel Off Coast Of France
-- CANADA: List Ranks Country's Endangered National Parks

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Today On Cloakroom:

-- Opening Argument: Judicial Ambivalence Isn't Always A Bad Thing

-- Poll Track: The Latest Numbers On Campaign 2000

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