[GRRN] adding textiles to curbside

Brenda Platt (bplatt@ilsr.org)
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 15:19:06 +0000

one important key to adding textiles to curbside is to keep them dry and
clean. To that end, most programs collecting textiles either provide
residents with specially marked plastic bags or ask residents to put
textiles in plastic bags. Residents can then set out the bags alongside
their other recyclables. Truck crews can then throw the bags in with
the compartment used to collect paper. Residents don't have bags of
textiles every week as they would other commonly discarded material, so
it's usually not a capacity issue on the trucks. At the materials
recovery facility, a worker can pick off the bags of textiles after the
paper is unloaded onto a conveyor. I am not familiar with any programs
that collect textiles in the same compartment as food and beverage

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