Re: [GRRN] benefits of salvaging bldg materials

Cindy Shea (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 16:44:41 -0500

Hi Brenda,

The Green Institute in Minneapolis probably has these numbers. I don't think
they have a web site, but Michael Krause is the Executive Director. They
have a resale shop for old building materials and train local minority youth
to do deconstruction while teaching them about environmental principles.
Michael is now replicating the approach in other regions ie HUD housing in
CT and working on getting deconstruction certified as a trade.

Environmenal Building News is another likely source. They
also run a greenbuilding listserve on that is archived.

Good luck,.

Cindy Pollock Shea
Contributing Editor
Florida Sustainable Communities Center

Brenda Platt wrote:

> Does anyone have any information (or can point me to sources) on the
> environmental benefits of salvaging building materials or reusing
> particular building products, i.e., how much energy or natural resources
> go into making certain products that can be salvaged, such as fixtures,
> windows, hardware, etc.?
> Much appreciated.
> Brenda
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