Re: [GRRN] recycling shoes

Cortney Cable (
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 14:15:41 PST

I would like to thank everybody for their replies so far. And I apologize, I
should have been more clear in my last letter. If you or someone you know is
an athlete (especially runners), you might know how often you go through
pairs of shoes. Although certain shoes can last years (I still wear some
from my high school days), other shoes are no longer safe or beneficial to
wear. I have running shoes that I just can not wear anymore, and I doubt
that donating them to charity or other goodwill stores would be nice....they
smell and they're holey!

So I was wondering if anybody knew of any organization or a way to avoid
throwing them away. For example, Nike has a program where they recycle
atheletic shoes and build basketball courts across the country. This is a
good program, but I contacted them and they don't have plans for their drive
to come to my area anytime soon. I have also heard of missionary projects
that take shoes and clothes to poorer countries and distribute them there
(although I don't know of a specific one).

I do appreciate the responses so far and if anybody knows of any service
that is similar to the ones mentioned, I would be happy and I thought others
might be able to benefit too.

Mr. Cortney Cable

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