[GRRN] help with research

Steven Frenkel (frenkel@uclink4.berkeley.edu)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:28:48 -0800

Hi all,

I'm a grad student at UC Berkeley's public policy school and am writing a
paper on how government can spur reduced reliance on virgin materials and
boost use of secondary, recyclable material as inputs in production
processes. I could use any advice, referrals or suggested resources to help
me understand this topic and the options available. I must make a
micro-economic argument that deals with issues like efficiency and
externalities. As you all know, government subsidies of virgin materials
may distort the market, creating inefficient consumption of those materials
b/c the price doesn't reflect the true social costs. I know that reducing
those subsidies and taxing virgin materials is one option but could use
insights on these and other ideas.

Thanks and I hope to hear from folks soon.

Goldman School of Public Policy