Re: discontinuation of Envision tp products

Eric S. Johnson (
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 14:02:30 -0700

I called Ft. James, who referred me to the sales rep for my area. She
thought there was no way they'd discontinue Envision, but also assured
me they had many other recycled content lines. She also thought it was
possible they would consolidate the Envision line into fewer products
(now they have unbleached, bleached, two-ply, one-ply, etc.).

My take on it all? It being the only TP I'll buy, I'll be most
disappointed if it's taken off the marked. I made it very clear I
wasn't interested in seeing post-consumer content reduced in any way in
any change of the Envision products. I also made it clear that I don't
buy _unless_ it is high-post-consumer content. In other words, 'Green
Forest' won't cut it (what misleading labeling!).

I highly recommend everyone get on the phone to Ft. James. While on the
phone, ask for the name and # of your area sales rep so that you can
call them, too. The more polite but direct concern they all hear, the
less likely they'd ever try to eliminate the product.