Re: [GRRN] Audio cassette& video tape recycling

Myra Nissen (
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 22:14:01 -0700


It took me a while to update my records, but this is what I know about
audio tape and video tape recycling:

Eco Disk
5640 S. Durango
Tacoma, WA

Eco Disk will take audio tapes. There is a fee.

Eco Media
917 E Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92805

Eco Media will take various kinds of video tapes: MII, Beat SP, DSHVS,
DVCAM, HI-8, Beta Digital, Mini DV, DVC PRO, 3/4 inch, SVHS, DIII, Beta
Six. They have minimum quantity requirements.

There is 2 other avenues that I just got wind of -- but have not
researched as I have no audio tapes to recycle at this time, but someone
may want to follow the leads:

The State of Claifornia requres that textbooks be recorded for college
students with dissabilities. I know a woman who reads for the program,
she says they reuse tapes all the time. A regional coordinator for the
program in Fresno is Rosslyn Hoh (sp?), 559-278-2811.

There is also an organization called Services for the Blind OR Books for
the Blind that may need tapes.

Good luck.

Myra Nissen
The Sutta Co.
1221 Third St.
Oakland, CA 94510