[GRRN] Disposable cellular Phones

Gary Liss (gary@garyliss.com)
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 10:52:05

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>Subject: Disposable cellular Phones
>head's up!
>Krista in San DIego
>>I was watching the local news (Chicago) last night and there was a story
>>about a patent being awarded for a disposable phone. The phone will
>>sell for about $20 and be "loaded" with 60 minutes of air time (similar
>>to a calling card).
>>The tone of the story indicated that this was soon to become reality.
>>This means that shortly (about 60 minutes) after the disposable phone
>>hits the market place that recycling coordinators throughout the country
>>(or wherever the phones are sold) will get calls about recycling the
>>I am alerting everyone about this product in hopes that the introduction
>>of the product can be curtailed unless the manufacturer accomodates the
>>return of the spent phones for recycling or re-use.
>>The patent was recently filed and no mention was made of the applicant
>>or how to contact the company - so this is a "heads up" request to watch
>>for more info and somehow get the word to the company that they must
>>exhibit producer responsibility for the handling of spent units.
>>Mark Loughmiller
>>Recycling Coordinator
>>Lake County, IL
Gary Liss
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