Re: [GRRN] Recent Betsy Hart opinion essay on recycling

Gary Liss (
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 09:44:41


I think all those on the GreenYes listserve have an obligation to respond
to Betsy Hart's essay, not just DISCUSS it among ourselves. I am concerned
that this essay may get picked up by other news organizations and repeated
around the country like the John Tierney article was.

I would like to hear what local, state and national recycling organizations
are doing to respond. Perhaps this GreenYes listserve can facilitate those
responses to minimize the effort required by everyone. For those who
responded to the Tierney article, perhaps an easy, quick way to respond
would be to send a copy of your Tierney response with a brief cover letter
highlighting any additional points you would like to make in response to
Ms. Hart's particular points.

If you are planning to respond, please post to this listserve WHEN, HOW and
WHAT are the key points you hope to make (in bullet points or outline form
for now, while you are working on the narrative).

Gary Liss
At 11:14 AM 11/09/1999 -0500, Roger M. Guttentag wrote:
>Dear GreenYes:
>Pablo Collins was kind enough to forward to this list the text to Betsy
Hart's opinion essay on recycling that was published recently on
NandoTimes. Naturally, some of us were upset with Ms Hart's opinions. I
was, of course, disappointed with the tenor of her thoughts on recycling.
But I was even more disappointed with this list's response which ranged
from a crushing silence to squeals of outrage. The purpose of a discussion
list such as GreenYes is to --- discuss!
Gary Liss
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