Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #335
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 11:21:25 EST

I agree with William McGowen on the issue of constructive discussions and
name-calling. It is much more productive to provide someone with information
that you have acquired throughout your lifetime than to force your opinion on
them. They will do what they can with the information you provide them, and
sometimes we get disappointed, but that is what makes life interesting. WE
have a long trek ahead - glad we are all in it - and we need to continue our
work in a positive way.

I work mostly on American Indian issues regarding solid waste management, and
as a result, I left my environmentalist title behind way back in college. It
is too destructive of constructive relationships.

Thank you for the discussion - I hope I have been helpful.

Nicole Egger
Indigenous Nations Child and Family Welfare Agency
Unity Village
(510) 865-9704 x13