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Why don't you stop holding back
and tell us what you really think?

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Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 08:37:28 -0600
From: "Larry Karigan-Winter" <>
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Subject: [GRRN] Opinions

Well Betsy, you can have your opinion....... unfortunately, more than 1/2 of
we Americans
don't agree with you......more people recycle than vote....... Shame on you
for spreading such counter productive opinions. Garbage is a problem around
the world...... and you want to just blow it off and say it's not such a
problem after all...... coming across a major network in the most wasteful
country of all. Every one of your arguments are based on an your opinion
that this infant industry, which competes with federally subsidized virgin
materials, has no value.....that we have reached our economies of scale,
that all options for re-use of materials have been exhausted, and that we
can all just stay home tube out, eat chocolate bon-bons and forget about
everybody else and the problems our 6 billion people create.

You are a pitiful cynic without a trace of a conscience, selfish, negative,
pessimistic and so narrowly minded that you fail to see this issue in any
depth at all. Opinions like yours only continue to fuel others like you,
who continue to take more than you give and fail to work towards leaving
this planet a little better than you came into it.

Where has it ever been morally correct to mindlessly consume and waste
natural resources. America is only part of the 25% of the industrialized
world that annually consumes 75% of the worlds resources......and the
remaining 4 billion people want to live like us. We are leading the world
in our consumptive habits and you want to say that's ok.

You need to seriously take a look at yourself, realize the roll you play
informing the public with the news of the day, get your facts spun correctly
and try again to be a productive individual on this rapidly diminishing
planet. From what you have written, it is obvious you
really don't have a clue. You'll have to better than that......try again to
get it right, then print the truth. I'm sorry you believe what you was pathetic. Hopefully you will look back on this day and
realize the mistake you have made.

Larry Karigan-Winter
General Manager
Madison County Solid Waste & Recycling
Huntsville, AR 72740